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  1. Tattoo by Steve Wimmer
  2. This seems less like 'This girl is my soulmate' and more like 'I want to make headlines again and go viral'. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Another vote for Vyvyn Lazonga. I saw her work in tattoo magazines around late 80s, early 90s and flew from Australia to Seattle in 1992 for a sleeve from her. Started in 1992, worked on over the years on different visits to the US, finally finished in 2012 - the 20 year sleeve!
  4. Michie at Sacred Heart is great - check out her portfolio
  5. @Energy Seriously, photos! I'm the last person standing to not have a camera, or even a phone that takes pictures. Here's a blurry pic of the Don Nolan tattoo using my laptop. It was a souvenir piece from him (I figured for a Sailor Jerry style piece who better than someone who knew Jerry?) but he is still doing large scale Japanese style work!
  6. Nick Wasko was at Sacred Heart in Vancouver a year or so ago I think, and still really into the history. At Sacred Heart on Nelson St they would probably know where he is now at these days. Paul Jeffries' Smilin Buddha book has a bit about the history of tattooing in Vancouver and Calgary (which didn't seem to have much going on there until he moved there from BC). Sailor Jerry Swallow was working for the Dutchman in Burnaby a couple of years ago but may be back east now - he'd definitely be someone to talk to as an example of living history - started tattooing in 1960 and has known a lot of people! Would have so many stories. Dave Shore in BC passed away recently so hope soneone like Nick (or yourself!) documents some of these characters and their tales while they are still around. From the little I know don't think traditional Canadian tattooing has been much different from American.
  7. Thanks Shell! Great suggestions. And welcome to the LST Forum, even though I only joined about 2 minutes before you did. :)
  8. Energy


    Dolphin tattoo by Creeper, Tattooland Anaheim 1990
  9. Great suggestions - I knew of Kiwi Kim but not the other two. Thanks!
  10. Great documentary and featuring footage with people like Rollo and Zeke Owen.
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