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    Custom tattooer currently living in Manteca, CA. Owner of One Sixteen Tattoo. Novice machine builder
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    Manteca, CA
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    Tattoos. art, machine building and vintage scooters!
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  3. So my wife and I moved from Las Vegas to a small town Manteca CA to be near her folks. So we opened a shop thinking we would struggle for a while, well we where wrong. I am overwhelmed with the response of this town. I really could use some help. I need someone full time who is serious and makes good tattoos and also wants to be part of the family. Most tattooers in this area are not very good or work from home. So if your looking for a clean shop normal split with most supplies supplied for you let me know. No drug addicts blah blah you know the rest. Check us out on line Onesixteentattoo.com instagram @onesixteentattoo my personal one is @stevethompsontattoo
  4. I have worked this convention a few times before. I really like it. But they changed the dates of it and made it late January so i passed to see how the people of Amarillo would react. Over all I love this convention!!
  5. Cool Paintings man!! keep up the good work.
  6. Amazing stuff. I need to get over and visit tattoo city soon.
  7. All this makes me think is " it's time to step up my game" more hard work.
  8. I have been busy trying to stay on top of opening a new shop plus building a small fence to keep the dogs from ruining our back yard. I have never built a fence before so kudos to anyone who has or does this for a living.
  9. Invisible Radio is amazing!! wish he would do more. I do like dave Ramsey ( i know ) Also handle on the law is one of my favorites for long drives.
  10. I think its very heartfelt. i think they will fade or possibly get covered. I never thought about it hindering the kids life in anyway. All in all i think its great and loving.
  11. Hey Everyone. I have been a lurker on this site for a bit but decided to be more involved. I am Steve I own One Sixteen Tattoo in Manteca, CA. I have lived all over but did most of my tattooing in Las Vegas. I have recently moved up to Manteca to be near my wifes family. I have been tattooing for 15 years. Did my apprenticship under James Whitemore on Fremont St. in las vegas. the shop has since closed and moved. Anyways if anyone wants to trade painting prints or tattoos let me know.
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    Koi half sleeve
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    fun walk in tattoo.
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