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  1. Congrats and welcome! Glad to hear you're finally getting to it. Who are you getting them done by? As for containing excitement, I tend to go the opposite way. I just look at more tattoos and stoke my pre-appointment fires. Containment be damned!
  2. @Sean Sinha Nice one. Some of my favorite tattoos are ones that I picked up on a whim or to fill in a spot. I'm a huge fan of impulse tattoos.
  3. "Hi! This is my daughter, Bendy Skull-Shaped Lady."
  4. @marley mission That is an amazing Bill Murray and Rodney's looking rad. Planning on doing an entire Caddyshack torso?
  5. It's been a while, but I just recently got back to reading the forum and looking at what other people are posting as far as new work. By way of jumping back in, it seemed like posting what I've been up to since I last participated in this thread is the right way to go. This might be a bit of a long one. Sorry. Sometimes you're in New Orleans. Sometimes you end up with a butterfly. Brent at Uptown Tattoo did this one: Jake Miller from Cathedral Tattoo in Salt Lake did this little ditch guy for me: I did a bit of a run of appointments at Great Lakes Tattoo. Erik did this one: Nick did this one: And Matt did this one on my calf: Javier Rodriguez at LTW in Barcelona made this crazy tiger head for me: John Raftery, who is also at Cathedral in Salt Lake now, did this snake while he was still in New York at Fun City: Ben Haft at Fun City did the tops of both of my thighs with a sinking ship and a rose of no man's land: And finally, Mike Suarez at Hand of Glory in Brooklyn was able to squeeze me in on Saturday and do this on my shin: I picked up a few little bits of filler here and there, too. Next up is getting my left knee done, I think. All of this has really just motivated me to start thinking about back/chestpieces. Further down the rabbit hole.
  6. From Jake Miller at Cathedral Tattoo in Salt Lake City
  7. tacitapproval


    From John Raftery while he was at Fun City Tattoo in New York. He's moved on to Cathedral Tattoo in Salt Lake City now.
  8. From Matt "Beatdown" Ziolko at Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago
  9. From Ben Haft at Fun City Tattoo in New York
  10. From Ben Haft at Fun City Tattoo in New York
  11. From Nick Colella at Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago
  12. tacitapproval

    Tiger Head

    From Javier Rodriguez at LTW Tattoo in Barcelona
  13. From Erik Gillespie at Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago
  14. From Mike Suarez at Hand Of Glory in Brooklyn
  15. Brent at Uptown Tattoos in New Orleans
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