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  1. I just wanted to reply to this thread, as I haven't been on this site in quite a bit. I took people's advice to heart, branched out and networked, and am now tattooing in a military town in TN surrounded by fantastic artists. I've been able to improve my skills while building a client base, and feel like i'm finally starting to find my way in this industry. I've attached two pictures of recent tattoo's that i'm in the midst of and would like to hear any constructive criticisms. Thanks all again for the inspiration and kind words.
  2. Freehand Sacred Heart chest filler
  3. Freehand hand tattoo. Hold Fast
  4. Traditional Taz filler on inner bicep
  5. EstCoast

    Traditional Cardinal

    Traditional cardinal tattoo on forearm
  6. EstCoast

    Soldier's Cross

    B&G soldier's cross on forearm
  7. Inner bicep tattoo
  8. You keep citing the artist's age and bashing millennials, all while ignoring your behavior that you've so kindly spelled out for us. If you've been hanging out in tattoo shops for 20 years now, you should know that some days can be very hectic/non-stop/chaotic. You should also know that days like that can leave an artist with little to no opportunities to take a breather. I know that personally, the last thing I'm doing when I get a quick breather during a busy day is CHECKING MY EMAIL. If you are so hellbent on getting a tattoo, pick up a telephone or get into your car and go to the shop, make your intentions known, and get a tattoo. Face-to-face communication still reigns supreme in this industry. It lets artists know that you're not wasting their time. I think you've gotten some pretty good advice and perspective from the other responses in this thread. If he's a good kid and does good work (which you've implied he does), go to the shop IN-PERSON, schedule a time to get the tattoo, and if you really feel the need, as him what the best way to schedule your next appointment with him will be, as you didn't feel you got a clear response from him the last time around. There's value in being diplomatic, and you might be able to teach the kid a lesson on professionalism without coming off like an asshole.
  9. I really appreciate the kind words from everybody, and I'll definitely take the advice to heart. You're right, Kahlan. I've been feeling quite defeated the past two days and my shop owner doesn't seem to be concerned, making things a bit more frustrating. I'm not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself, and have already begun writing to artists that I admire. As a side-note, I have posted several tattoos in my album section and always welcome constructive criticism. Tear me down for all I care, I simply strive to improve every day. Thanks again for the words and encouragement.
  10. I would but unfortunately most of my savings has gone towards rent/living expenses so i'm at the point now where I need to find something that will pay. Unfortunately tattooing isn't doing that. I don't know anyone other than the artist that I work for, so traveling isn't an option and I dont' have the portfolio for conventions yet.
  11. Hi all. New to this site. I underwent a traditional apprenticeship and have been tattooing for roughly 2.5 years now. While I love tattooing/creating/art, it is looking like I am going to have to abandon my goal of tattooing for a career. Since transitioning to fulltime tattooing at a reputable shop, business has dropped, my savings is virtually gone, and im going broke, but at least I can say I gave it my all. Anyways, I enjoy reading the posts on this site so I figured I'd sign up. Cheers.
  12. 'Lunatic' Stomach Rocker
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