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    DrewDaggers got a reaction from Kevin Campbell in Lee Hanna R.I.P.   
    Tattoo Artist Magazine just posted an article about him on their blog, I'll try to find it, or if anyone else has a link for it, please share.
    I just found it. http://www.tattooartistmagazineblog.com hope that works.
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    DrewDaggers got a reaction from dirbab in Rose tattoos   
    I love Daniel Albrigo's black and grey roses.
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    DrewDaggers got a reaction from Jake in Recommendation for traditional style tattooer in San Diego   
    Go to Lucky's and see Luke Wessman.
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    DrewDaggers reacted to Scott Sylvia in Tattooers with little to no tattoos   
    no tattoos.....no love.......fuck you in the face for thinking you can tattoo and not be tattooed, the trade involves a commitment a dedication to the craft. if you dont respect it or like it enough to get the product you produce on you then you are a parasite.....''robbing from the host." i think that would be the definition. as for boris i have no interest in what he has to offer. has anyone seen how many ink caps that guy uses. how many fucking shades of skin tone can you need? or does that weird rotary you take the tips of not blend a color. christ!!!!!!!
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    DrewDaggers reacted to dari in My wife - The Apprentice   
    It looks good! I say take that $50 you were going to spend on that thing we're no longer talking about and put it towards some good machines.
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    DrewDaggers reacted to gougetheeyes in My wife - The Apprentice   
    Hey, this is a really great, positive thread! Keep it up!
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    DrewDaggers reacted to Rebushido in Skulls Skulls Skulls   
    sorry for the bad picture...

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