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not bad at all seen some 20 year old ones the other day that were just lil blobs hahahah and i like the newer one definitely haven't seen one like it anywhere always love tattos that are something shaped to look like something at a quick glance

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Good call on all of them but the stuff Chuey Quintanar has been tattooing is insane. Been seeing his stuff show up recently on a fair amount of friends in LA. Strongly suggest this guy to anyone down that way!

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the only skull I have on me is by Mike Lucena and is below.

Gotta say I love skulls by Rudy, Hooper (who has that whole book of skulls), Jondix, Jensen, Garver, the usual suspects.... Both Stewart and Valerie over at Frith St have pretty radical day of the dead skulls on their website. Surely there's people I'm forgetting right now though.

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I did this on my leg for 3 hours when my mom comes in to the shop

and decides to tell my why she is disapointed that im not married yet,

all this while im tattooing myself and i cant decide whats more painfull and why didnt i buy a six pack before.

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who did the skull hands? looks like Lango from skull and sword stuff. I got this one from uncle allan in 09' at his shop in Copenhagen.IMG_5469b.jpg

The hands is GRIME... the other one is Seth Ciferri..

Love the Uncle Tattoo!

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While doing my weekly look around various tattooers and tattoo shops blogs I found these skulls that caught my eye:

-One from Tim Lehi, his skull caught my eye because it seems so different to me than the other skulls I normally see Lehi turn out. I have a tiny skull by Lehi on my hand done back at Tattoo City in like ten minutes.

-Two from Chad Koeplinger, the two are the same indian skull backpiece but one is the stencil and the other the outline. As I mentioned elsewhere, it is so cool and keeps me coming back to blogs when tattooers do in progress pieces as watching the sessions build off of one another is so damn intriguing. Especially since many of these tattooers are not in my neck of the woods so I can't just stop by the shop and shoot the shit to watch the tattoos take shape.

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