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  1. @Scott R the male judge is Steve Ma Ching
  2. Thanks @SeeSea we did bang it out pretty quick, and I'm thankful for that ! Not sure I could handle some of the crazy hours some of you guys have endured..
  3. Last session all done at around 23 hours all up...stoked this is finished !
  4. Session 6 done, just the shark mouth, some more detail in the shark itself and dropping lower down my ass to go...hopefully be wrapped up in one more session. Photos not as flash this time sorry folks...
  5. Session 5, just another 3.5 hours, more detail and colour into the octopus...sitting @ 17.5 hours now so far.. Cheers all !
  6. session 4 completed, another 3 hours putting detail and some colour into the octopus, sitting at 14 hours now...stoked !
  7. Hey guys, third session down, now sitting at 11 hours...second pics a bit blurry sorry...
  8. Yeah 'good times' was definitely tongue n cheek...pretty rough 3 hours ! Much respect to those of you on this thread some crazy hours and amazing work on here.
  9. Second session today...3 hours background shading on one side. Thats 8 hours all up so far. Good times !
  10. Hi all, started my back piece yesterday...roughly 5 hours lining..a few rough spots but otherwise not to bad ! Artist is Dan Andersen from Sacred tattoo in New Zealand..Cheers !
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