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    My name is Dave Lang. I have been tattooing since 2001. Scorpio.
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    Juneau, Alaska
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    tattoos, painting, skateboarding, motorcycles and Alaska type stuff.
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  1. I know that Gordon McCloud put together two books of Pinky Yun designs, not painted flash, but two volumes of designs. From the collection of Mav Mess, I believe. He runs Bulldog Tattoo parlor in Lacey, Washington. I think they have an instagram and American Graffiti sometimes sells his books at their booth at SFO.
  2. davelang


    matryoshka doll
  3. davelang


    healed tattoo modified Alphonse Mucha design
  4. davelang


    Equator cross
  5. tattoo by Dave Lang, Design By Mike Dangeli
  6. I've taken on an apprentice. I'm 12 years in and do not feel like I could've or should've taught anybody before this. First, a little shop background I work in an small isolated area that is expensive and inconvenient. You can't drive in or out and while we have some of the modern conveniences, like costco, we do not have a lot of things, like art supply stores or fast food restaurants. I bought the shop almost two years ago from the original owner, who moved back south. I did not ever expect to take on an apprentice. I also did not think I'd work alone for a year and half straight. I thought
  7. That's sick! That's what I'm talking about with the large scale formline! Shit... I think we may have highjacked this thread. Might have to start another specific to this style.
  8. I meant that the cost of a tattoo machine and flash, or a book or original painting could add up past your pocket money real quick, especially if you fall in love with something you were not expecting to see. Not necessarily that tattooers or machine builders regularly use or accept credit cards, or should. It works for our small shop (two tattooers) but could be real nightmare if we had six tattooers and one wanted to use paypal, two got scanners for their phones, one who refuses to accept credit cards because it ain't how the old timers did it, etc. I think if I were charging a bunch of tatt
  9. If he specializes in the style, then he will probably have great reference. As a tattooer, I tell people to bring in any reference they want if it is going to help me see what they are after, but not worry about having to assemble the tattoo for me, just show me things they like. But if he's known for japanese, he probably has a good library on the subject so bringing in a googled koi or dragon might be a little redundant, unless you are showing them a specific element. Even if you are looking to show the artist specific elements that you'd like incorporate, the best place to start (especially
  10. "My (in-progress) sleeve is an interpretation of the Raven myths, and because it's being done by Thomas Hooper it's interpreted through a sort of hermetic lens with some sacred geometry, Ernst Hackel references, and so on. The eye of the raven is referenced directly from Bill Reid's drawing on the cover of the book The Raven Steals the Light. I'm thrilled with it. I've been also thinking of one day getting a gagiid mask, maybe done sort of in the style of a hannya. I'm still figuring that one out though." That sounds rad! Hope to see those tattoos one day. I'm also in love with american tr
  11. davelang


    A carving I made from the collection of A.Freriksson
  12. a carving I made that turned into a walk in tattoo
  13. I think a lot more shops where people also sell machines, flash, paintings or books would probably tend to have credit card machines. A big tattoo, plus a machine and set of flash can add up real quick even if you did bring a bunch of tattoo money.We have the card machines at our shop, but we are in a tourist town and it seems like 70% of our business goes on the card. I see the fees as part of the artists percentage, so he doesn't have any extra charge. I could see why shops and shop owners wouldn't want to deal with it, but it works for us. I personally think it's weird to charge a tattoo an
  14. really crappy photo of my forearm snake by Jeff Rassier from around 2000 or 2001.
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