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  1. Yes it is. I still can't quite believe it's finished. It's awesome. I'm a little gutted I'll never see it properly - damn my pesky human neck. I like your tattoo's by the way. The El Monga is very good.
  2. That'll learn me. Mr Noble.. Instagram @Valerievargas.. Instagram
  3. I got this Ed Hardy gorilla head from @valerievargas the other week http://instagr.am/p and I had a sneaky day off from work so I headed into London for a few hours and got this little dragon head from Todd Noble.. http://instagr.am/p my incredible ROA backpiece is finished up now too but that's something else entirely.
  4. I'm getting an overtly religious tattoo. People I know have been very funny about why I would do so as I'm definitely an atheist. I don't need to believe in god to like the art (especially catholic and orthodox) and besides my atheism doesn't translate into anti-religious feelings. Therefore I don't feel uncomfortable with this at all. Western society is full of Christian imagery and custom from hot cross buns to celebrating christmas and most of us engage with it on multiple level's taking on the aspect we identify with and ignoring the rest. I don't see the appreciation of the artistic si
  5. todo_es_gravy


    Very nice. Might see if I can see Seth when I get to New York next year.
  6. todo_es_gravy

    Battle Royale

    I love this. super cool
  7. Cheers. Scott's work is awesome. I went to the convention the day after the chestpiece so I wasn't in the mood for anything else. I wish I'd got a few small ones though now. So it goes I guess It's a ROA backpiece but it's not finished yet. It's by @valerievargas, it's in the @stewartrobson Frith Street video on here but that was a while ago now. As I said. I'm a very lucky lad
  8. I was all set on getting a big old wolf on the other side but now I don't know.. Double tiger is super cool. I think It'll take a while before I'm keen to get my ribs/belly tattooed again. I'm sworn off other big tattooes anyway till October when I go to New York.
  9. No I'm definitely not a tattooer. I'm just a little obbsessed by tattoo's. I saw your backpiece on instagram.. very good Cheers lochlan, you must have seen me gurning away then. I'm glad there isn't photographic evidence of that actually :)
  10. You're tigers are beautiful too by the way. Really nice.
  11. It was about 6 hours. Not nice but I had to fly back to the UK from LA the following morning so I didn't really have much choice. Could be worse it was going to be bigger originally, I'd have been there for 12!
  12. Hi, I'm Ash. I live just outside of Manchester UK. I've been very lucky to be tattooed by some very talented people. Cheers, Happy christmas.. nearly.
  13. Cheers guys, the tiger poking out is my other holiday tattoo from @bryanburk. I posted a picture of it in the Tiger Thread. Thanks @hogg, I wish I could take any credit. I just sat there.
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