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  1. Tataki on California in lower pac heights (i think there is one in the mission or noe as well) is amazing and only serves sustainable fish which is pretty cool and some really tasting less common things on the menu.
  2. hear is a funny quote from john welborn who runs crossfit football taking a little stab at his/my own ilk "Any crowd that shuns supplements, shoes, strength and curls is confusing. Any demographic striving for elite human performance should be looking to increase recovery, muscle and strength. The same confusion extends to the people who won’t wear shoes when they lift because it is not functional or do not think strengthening your biceps brachii through isolated single jointed movements has benefit. If your goal is elite human performance, things like supplements to aid in recovery, shoes to increase your lifts and curls to strength your biceps brachii for pulling movements makes total sense." ps - I have been "crossfitting" (don't really like this term as i know it has a dirty connotation to some) for 5 years and love it. I was a division 1 college athlete and have been involved in strength and conditioning for a long time. It's certainly not the only way to train, but it works great for me - Like anything open source, that grows as quickly as CF has, you are going to have good and bad coaches. Somebody has mentioned the mobilitywod.com It is a great source and I am lucky to say that Kelly is my coach at San Francisco Crossfit. If I am not there doing kipping pull-ups you will find me in my garage following westsides conjugate method or running up and down my block dragging chains behind me. Peace & Love - Now lets go pick some heavy things up and put them back down.
  3. i really like elbow tattoos that just pretend the elbow isn't there...like this. well, i like those and i also like heavy spider webs that scream look at me, look at me... i am an elbow...
  4. 9 pages and I haven't been involved in this thread. I love picking up heavy things and putting them back down.
  5. considering this picture was taken on January 1st of this year and it was 70 degrees, to New Yorkers like my wife and I, it truly is! There is a lot I miss about home, but the weather is not one of them.
  6. If I could do it over it would be like 8 giant tattoos Bowling pin on forearm, crawling panther, spider web elbows, chest eagle.... You get the idea. Than I would retire from the game. Like jay z did.... 4 albums ago
  7. ha before i finshed reading this, i was thinking - "sounds like a rassier tattoo'
  8. The panther was from the books Eli, Bert & mike were working out of. It had a small nose and super low brow, it's the same piece of flash Bert used on that guys hand opposite the wolf that he recently posted on instagram. After applying the stencil, Mike just smeared the brow, drew on his signature brow, enlarged the eyes and snarled the lip and voila! Instant Mike Wilson panther. It was pretty cool to see him transform the piece on a fly
  9. Here are a few from SFO this past fall. My Next appointment is with Scott Sylvia at the end of the month. Mike Wilson Bert Krak Eli Quinters Eli Quinters
  10. Hrubarb

    Mike Wilson Panther

    Mike Wilson Panther - SFO 2011
  11. Bert Krak - Prisoner of Love - SFO 2011
  12. Hrubarb


    Wrist Chain by Eli Quinters @ SFO 2011
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