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  1. I was reading issue by issue for a while but it just kept leaving me frustrated and wanting more.
  2. Wasn't working there at the time found out about that after the shop's recent closing. Seemed like a better spot than 6th ave.
  3. I believe there's no statuere for international body part trafficing if we ever meet in person I'd like to hear that story. I have a few I can tell in trade.
  4. british animal voice overs http://youtu.be/skCV2L0c6K0 Drinking outta cups
  5. I was laughing so hard from this thread i woke up my girlfriend. solid gold!
  6. When I was still working in kitchens we'd always talk about this one by the end of the night we'd be rollin' Here's a few does this look infected ? Dude I can totally make that jump.
  7. Walking Dead Hardcover (2006- Image) comic books more addictive than the tv show.
  8. I had some whisky this weekend that tasted like rootbeer I made my self a note of it in my phone but all it said was maine root beer.
  9. I mean can we get that ones that fall with in the statuere of limitations. That exempts: kid napping and murder but everything else, if memory serves falls into the 8-10 years category.
  10. now that my balls have been busted just a touch. do you have a bottle? are you holding out on me?
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