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  1. Wow that looks super nice now even thought it's dark the image looks clearer..
  2. Looks like a guy lol! That might be a furry back
  3. Hahaha that's too funny poor baby she's gonna hate her dad when she gets older!!
  4. If you have doubts you should go back to the artist...
  5. Looks great I agree let the artist do his thing, great work si far!
  6. I agree it looks really nice, at first I thought it said feel better lol
  7. I agree get a small one since your new to tattooing, why start out big...you will have it for the rest of your life so if I were you I would start small.
  8. Love those tats! I'm getting the cherry blossoms as well they look so cool!
  9. People are so judgemental, DON'T worry about what they think, they will always find something to bitch about..by the way some people probably stare cause it's cool and they probably wished they had the balls to get a tat!
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