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That Bird is Awesome! What the heck is it possible that the bird makes a penis shaped ejeculate mark on the coffee table??

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LOL Shitty Jobs. But it is true if we take all of those jobs and send them out of the country that leaves so many people without jobs to support their families. Thus leaving the economy in a deeper state of ruin.

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    • Its strange. I admire the opposite. Theres something so appealing to me about the "modest" bodysuit design. I think in the west, tattoos have become sortof trite because we wear tattoos so boldly and outwordly. It looses that speacial something. I like the idea of being in control of your situation at all times, to be a tattooed person when you decide to reveal yourself. You can carry this secret side to yourself that not many people would know about. If I could start all over id go with the modest bodysuit design for sure, as apposed to the American one-point style bodysuit Im heading towards at thr moment. I still love my tattoos, but I appreciatethe Japanese philosophy much more.
    • I enjoyed the show a lot. I couldn't stop snickering at the dicks who got so mad at Oliver when he dismissed them before they'd even finished. Made themselves look like total assholes.
    • I would so, so, so love to have 3/4 or full sleeves, Japanese style, but professionally it is just not an option for me.  Sigh... I currently have Japanese half sleeves. There is something about the totality of Japanese sleeves that really appeals to me. It is like they transform the arm into a completely new thing. I really admire people with the nerve to go to full sleeves and display them.
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