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just got my copy of These Old Blue Arms; The Life and Work of Amund Dietzel! fucken awesome book. dont slack on this one


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haha this is so funny that i should stumble upon this post becuse i was just looking at that book tonight and its amazing!! i didnt have time to read much(as it was not my copy) but i flipped through all of the pictures of his flash multiple times just trying to absorb it all. i loved it!!

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Just finished reading this book. Lots of quality pictures of some truly beautiful flash. Nice little insight into Amunds life as a tattooer and his background, as well. Can't wait for the second volume.

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i dont know if anyone will see this question but i want to know from anyone out there how do you explain who Amund Dietzel was to a non-tattooed person in the simplest and shortest answer? i have had people ask me about my tattoo and why i chose the image that i have. every time i try to explain who he is i sound like the biggest nerd because i am interested in his history and who he was but these other people dont care. they dont want to the long answer, they want the short one but i dont have one!

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