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A conversation with shotsie gorman Seminars at conventions near you. Do not miss !

Shotsie Gorman




"Only the most mnd blowing seminar I have ever atended"

"I left there so inspired I couldn't wait to apply the ides to my work"

" My third eye was pulled open"

" I had no idea a tattoo seminar could be this exciting"

These are the quotes from people who have spent on hour of their time in "A CONVERSATION WITH SHOTSIE GORMAN"

What is this conversation?

This seminar is unlike anything you have ever experienced. During the discussion Shotsie seems to unravel the mysteries surrounding the creative life and put them back together in a manner that you can actually use in your daily life!

Shotsie covers so much ground it feels like a roller coaster of thought.

Visually a feast for the eyes the slide show is accompanied by a dialogue with the source of all creativity.

You can leave this experience knowing you have new tools to work with in your persuit of the best quality art work you have always deisred to make.

Tap into the 32 years of creative experience with one of the tattoo communites legends.

This is not a technical or mechanical seminar, although new creative techniques are passed over and

the mechanics of the creative process revealed before your very eyes.

The most often heard statement from other tattooist who have attended is." I never thought I would experiance something like this at a tattoo convention seminar!"

at Blue lake Convention and Tattoos and Blues Santa Rosa!


Recommended Comments

Shotsie, if you looked into what this convention at blue lake is really all about, I would hope that you wouldn't support it. I have total respect for your participation in tattooing and you've been on my radar since the beginning. I even own a copy of Tattoo Advocate that you signed for Phil Sparrow.

I've been tattooing here in Humblodt County for over 15 years (longest standing artist in the area). I can't speak for the artists or the people of our county, but we are in remote island like culture with a healthy disdain for mainstream America. None of the veteran Humboldt County artists are supporting this convention. I personally can't stand the fact that one of the local Casino's is using their wealth culled from "winners", to be the loudest voice in local tattooing, and in a small area like this "local" means a lot. In my opinion, if you're working for the Casino, you are working against everything cool about tattooing. Our area has Stellar tattooers who have worked and traveled around the world to bring back what is good and right about tattooing to little old Humboldt County. We don't need the Casino and we don't need anymore artists in Humblodt. I've invested most of my Adult life in this community, (emphasis on community), I hate to see things go in the direction of dumb-dumb strip-mall, casino loving America, but with events like this and outsiders thinking they've got something "unique" to bring here, we slip closer and closer to the bland, retread, consumer based moronic ideology one finds so prevalent outside the Redwood Curtain. I urge you and anyone else considering this show to pause for a moment and think about why you got involved with tattooing. I doubt working for Casinos is what you had in mind. Keep Tattooing Cool. Respectfully, Dean Schubert

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That's all news to me Dean. this is the first time I am hearing anything like this .

I am not sure what you mean by "if I looked into this show? "

I talked to the guys from your area who are listed to work at the show and other folks who attended last year no one seem to have any gripes other than the usual not well run efficiancy issues.

I am already on the road headed there. Too bad you vetern guys didn't get the word out on your concerns to me and others earlier.

I see Humbolt county guys listed as participating.

Talked with Corey about the show he is Milan.

Well,certainly, it's not my intention to work for the " Casino"

They are promoting the tattoo show --which I was told was created by a local tattooer.

They contacted me nearly six months ago to do my seminar for the professional tattooist attending.

Personally I wouldn't sweat the new artists coming into the neighborhood deal-- conventions are so plentyful that unless a tattoo school opens up like ORegon or suppliers set up shop in town these conventions come and go without causing anything of harm to local guys.

I am totally new to the scene in CA and obviously in Humbolt county.

I understand how it feels when some one starts doing big things in your neck of the woods. MArio BArth open three shops within a mile of my home base shop and started a convention just 7 miles from my town. He was willing to sell out-- I was not --I had to grin and bear it as his shops began to sell pigment and machines and turn out apprectices like hot cakes so I get the angst.

I certainly know the quality of work I see coming from northern CA is astoundly good and in the end that always wins out

escpecially in these financially tough times.

I certainly mean no disrespect to you perspectives but the world of tattoing is changing rapidly.

If you have been following my career then you know I have always tried to do the right thing.

I had plenty of opportunities to produce conventions mugs and socks and sell out etc,and I passed on all of that. If I had been wanting to cash in on being inauthentic I'd be as rich as Mario BArth or have my art on Tee shirts and hoodies selling everywhere in discount stores.

So I have not changed my sense of authenticity --In fact I have been trying to give something back to the younger guys in the tattoo world by doing this seminar for free.

That is my motivation I have no other agenda.

I'll take your advice under consideration, although I am now already committed for this one

and I will weigh out what they are up to once I have the experience myself.

I am sorry we won't meet unless you pop into to the show or perhaps under better circumstances in the future.

Thanks for puting me onto your sense of things.

I look forward to having more connections with the authentic foilks of CA

Shotsie Gorman

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I'm the proprietor of a Humboldt tattoo studio as well, and also have serious issues with the Blue Lake expo. My partner has worked conventions since the 1980s (Shotsie, you may remember him as Dino, back when he was with Gypsy. They worked the conventions as "Something Wicked.") and we are both dismayed by the lack of respect Blue Lake has shown to local shops. Basically, Blue Lake Casino has decreed that one or two local studios are "in," and rejected all others. What this does to politics/rivalry/conflict/backbiting between studios in this small area is devastating. As well, Humboldt has a strong "shop local" ethos which is getting us all through this economic downturn. Blue Lake's actions in organizing this convention have proven their lack of loyalty and business ethics. Glad to say our 2-day alternative Tattoo Circus at our studio was a rocking success and hope that perhaps all this drama will resolve in a stronger and more vocal Humboldt tattoo community. I have attached the Open Letter to Blue Lake Casino that we have submitted to the media. Dean, thanks for being so vocal.


Blue Lake Casino Tattoo Expo organizers,

I have received no response to my letter to you dated January 12, 2011, in which I wrote to you of my disappointment that you could not accommodate our request for a booth at the Inked Hearts 2011 Tattoo Expo. Thank you for returning my check, as that did save me some bank fees.

Ancient Arts Tattooing & Piercing was one of four local tattoo studios, and the only Arcata studio, that participated in the first Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo of 2010. Our participation in your event required a leap of faith on our part. The tattoo convention market is quite saturated, and the 2010 Expo was a first-time event held on VERY short notice. As such, we had no guarantee that the expo would meet with success for either the casino or the participating studios. Nevertheless, we took a chance on you, and were pleased that the event was moderately successful.

Given our prior participation, I was surprised to learn that my studio was placed in a “lottery” for inclusion in the 2011 event. I was especially dismayed when I realized that two other studios that had participated in 2010 were not subjected to such a lottery, as they have been listed on the Inked Hearts site for some time. I have also noticed from your website that apparently, no other local studios than those two have been included since then. Did no one "win" your lottery?

Surely, it cannot be said that my application was tardy, as I submitted it on November 17, 2010, though, it must be noted, I received no acknowledgement of its receipt until I contacted you in early January. Were there other considerations at work? And if so, by what criteria were some studios admitted and Ancient Arts rejected?

Surely, the reputation of Ancient Arts is as good as that of other local studios. A brief perusal of our website (Ancient Arts) or our Facebook page will suffice to show anyone that our tattooing and piercing skills are on a par with any others, and conducted in accordance with the highest levels of safety in the industry. Ancient Arts enjoys a large local clientele that includes not only college students, but a cross-section of professionals including judges, police officers, non-profit administrators, teachers, clergy, professional athletes, mental health professionals, medical personnel, and so on. Ancient Arts is renowned throughout Humboldt County for our support of charitable organizations both through donation of our services and through our well-publicized “Give ‘Til It Hurts” fundraisers (most notably our recent “Paws for a Cause” event which benefited the Companion Animal Foundation and saw us profiled in all local newspapers as well as Channel 3 news). Both tattoo artists Lydia and Damien are also artists working and exhibiting in other media; Damien’s bas relief sculptures have hung at the Morris Graves Museum and Accident Gallery (among others), and Lydia was recently commissioned to paint the poster for the Arcata Eye Ball 2011. In addition, Ancient Arts is the home of this area's only professional female tattoo artist.

You cannot be ignorant of the fact that Humboldt County has a very strong commitment to promoting local business. Given that, why would you import out-of-town tattoo artists while simultaneously shutting out local tattoo studios?

As I stated in my letter of January 12, I am not writing to request a revision of your decision but rather to apprise you of my personal and professional disappointment in Blue Lake Casino. I wish you all success in your event and hope that in future your office will develop better communication and fairer business practices.

In the mean time, I will be holding a Tattoo Circus event that expands upon the circus theme that I had planned to implement at the Ancient Arts booth at the Tattoo Expo. We plan on having a great time here in our studio and, in the end, hope that you all have as much fun as we assuredly will.

"Lydia" Lauraine Leblanc, Ph.D.

Proprietor, Ancient Arts

1065 K Street, Arcata, CA

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    • My last tattoo scabbed over a lot, and I was very concerned, but my tattoo artist reassured me and told me to just continue with normal care. It healed perfectly fine and looks great now, so I wouldn't worry to much. 
    • sometimes i think i should go outside more but then i remember how bright my nearly 20 yr old tattoo is and I don't lol
    • Hello, not new to getting tattoos, but always like opinions on design, color, etc, and that's basically why I'm here. Reddit is horrid. Anyway, yes I'm just here to comment on other tattoos and get some nonbiased opinions on my own.
    • Thanks. And u just made me laugh, I guess my comment sounded conceded, and I did not mean to sound that way. I guess I'm in freak out mode because it's so on display. I don't think anything will ever meet my expectations because of where it is. So on display. My friend is actually going to my tattoo guy BECAUSE of this tattoo. Removal is not an option. I wont do that. I do have crippling anxiety due to having multiple sclerosis. I'm overly critical of this tattoo. The design is a sun with sun rays  that wraps around and up over my shoulder and a lotus below it. I don't like flowers. Just lotuses. Haha. So it's not your typical flowers down the arm tattoo. It's actually a unique design. I love yoga and zen things although from my post...I don't sound so zen. Haha. I've been going thru it now since summer started. I would say it's going in a while. I wear it out, got a compliment from someone at the gas station, I just don't look at it myself with it. It makes my stomach sink. Like I ruined myself. I'm ocd about it. I continue to get tattoos tho. I dont want to be a lunatic over it either. I always said I would never tattoo my upper arms and I did. And for the life of me, can't figure out why I did that. I was living in the moment I guess. So, if the reality of the tattoo doesn't meet my expectations,  what do u do for that? Add to it? Thank you for responding to me. I appreciate it a lot. I feel like I lost my mind over thos. I just got another tattoo on my forearm, and love it, it's smaller. Maybe that's why. I don't know. I allowed thos to be placed somewhere I never wanted ot, I approved it loved it afterwards and now....maybe cause it's so on display. I'm not used to having such big visible tattoos. Like, why cant I just be cool about it. I LOVE tattoos. 
    • "I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are" So if you were fat and out of shape it would be OK?  🤣 Tattoo Anxiety is not unusual, but it really depends on how long it goes on for. Has it been weeks, months, years? You really don't have a lot of options. Despite what laser removal centers would have you believe, you'll never get totally rid of it. Any cover up will need to be even bigger and bolder, don't let any "artist" tell you differently.  Given the tone of your post, "I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are," "My artist is extremely talented, there is not 1 shaky line, crooked line," "The line work is out of this workd, perfectly straight," "Everyone loves it" it sounds like the reality of the tattoo doesn't meet your expectations.
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