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Now i want to be your blog

Jill Bonny


It's almost here folks...

Less than a month away...

San Jose's Convention of the Tattoo Arts is now at the Hyatt Regency by the San Francisco Airport and we are now calling it the SFO Convention. We at State of Grace are working tirelessly to get this thing together and the list of artists that are coming this year is INSANE, you cancheck it out here. The convention is taking place in the host hotel so this year will undoubtedly be a blast, I will be blogging about all of the exciting book releases, parties and events that will be going on as well as posting pictures afterwards. Hope to see everyone of you there!


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Jill thanks and I look forward to reading/seeing your and other accounts on how the weekend unfolds including the big rematch between Nick and Scott. Nick, I heard there are flyers floating around and the bookies are already taking bets? Scott, is in an undisclosed empty warehouse training with Cody and Juan studying the film from the first mashup, for reals though. I just realized it is a grad school weekend full of classes so I will be unable to attend, motherfucking school. Anyways, thanks for keeping those of us who can't make it educated on what is guaranteed to be a great weekend!!

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