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New to the Forum

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Mark Bee


Its been a while since I joined a forum and took an active part in discussions. My previous forays in to the world of forums typically revolved around video gaming. For many years I was a very active poster on a clan website based around the seminal FPS UT'99. I made tons of friends there and met many of them during my trips to the UK and the USA. Eventually, though, new games came along and the community dried up. I have remained in contact with many of the friends I made there though we talk very little about gaming anymore. The World of Warcraft drained many of the remaining UT players, myself included, and so my participation in the forum dwindled, mirroring the decline in the game's numbers. I tried to get involved in the WoW forums, but I quickly discovered they were a rather nasty place, where people were more concerned about trashing each other than developing a community. And that's fine too. It just wasn't my bag. I'd rather focus on the more positive aspects of the game (or whatever the topic might be.)

After lurking for a little while at LST, I felt that I had discovered an interesting online community that seemed determined to be positive place to post, discuss, learn, and generally talk about tattooing. Since joining the forum (ok, it was only yesterday) my initial impressions are being confirmed. So I jumped right in. Its the way I do things. Whole hog. I also hope that over the coming weeks and months I will have a few things to contribute to this community. My thoughts and interjections will likely not be to everyone's taste. But that's life. I'm probably going to say some stupid things from time to time, and I fully expect to be called out for those missteps. But my errors will likely come from ignorance and I hope it will be understood that I am here to learn as much as I am here to offer my opinions.

I am going to post my new tattoos as they happen. I've enjoyed seeing how people here have been tattooed. I find it fascinating to hear why people choose the art that they do. I am interested in hearing about the experiences people have had both as the tattooer and the tattooed. I suspect there are as many reasons for getting tattooed as there are tattoos. I am constantly interested in my own evolving views on the art (how's that for some navel gazing?) I also love that there is so much attention to history here. The links to the various documentaries, books, etc are invaluable.

I'll use this space to post my thoughts that do not fit neatly into forum threads.

This is a long weekend in Ontario and thus I have had a lot of extra time to surf and post on LST. I'll leave it here for now.

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome again Mark!

I too had been very active on a gaming forum in the past, new games came out and most of thecommunity I loved got nasty and immature. LST is a great place to be...everyone here will treat you right. We all want the best for eachother and we love to see people get the tattoos they deserve. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we have a common bond in tattoos. They are painful, they are messy, they are never perfect...but they are experiences, they are what brings all of us together and they are fucking sweet to look at!

I never got into the PC gaming much other than a small amount of WoW and a little Team Fortress 2. I am mainly a console gamer, and although I have much less time now, I still play. I used to be very competitive and compete at a fairly high level in the early CoD series on Xbox 360. The fun part of being competitive is almost gone now....

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Ah, Team Fortress was fun. I never did get to play it very much though. I moved to Mac, and then started playing mostly on my PS3. Bioshock, COD:MW2,3, BLOPS1 and 2. Right now we (me and my fiance) are playing the Assassins Creed games. I figure we average about 4-5 hours a week, so we are not hardcore gamers, but its a nice way to wind down after a long day. I was never good enough to be competitive. Despite my love for games, I am terrible at them! I'm still waiting for that next new game that totally sweeps me away. Nothing on the horizon though. I guess that means I have more time to obsess about my next tattoo. And the one after that...

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I currently play BLOPS 2 on Xbox and feel like it is the closest to CoD heaven as possible since CoD4. CoD4 was and is still, the best FPS on XBox 360. I actually played the Halo series for years. All the way back since the very first one. As sso as Halo 3 came out I knew it was doomed and I astopped playing after that. Halo 2 was tons and tons of great times and good, hard gaming.

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welcome, I am new here as well.,also here to learn. I feel good having found a tattoo site that seems to be lacking in sh** talking, from what I have seen thus far at least. I dont know many tattooers so it would be nice and helpful to converse with more or so I hope.

I think its cool you enjoy video games, I do also.

but I find it strange that is even relevant on here. no offense. I personally only joined to talk tattoos.

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