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Saniderm Experiment.



Alright guys and gals, I know there has been a bit of talk about Saniderm and I've posted about this in another thread but I decided to start a little experiment. A few days ago a regular client/friend of mine sent me a text asking about Saniderm and just had a friend who got a decent sized full-colour piece done and healed it completely with the said product. I've asked a few friends of mine in the tattoo industry their thoughts and most of them reacted the same way I did, "Never heard of it but why would you cover a tattoo for three days?".

Then things got a little interesting. I asked friends in the medical field (EMT, Paramedic, And Vet Tech). My EMT friend said it was really similar to other products that are used in Emergency Response for burns and that it's great but shouldn't be used solely. That often it's just for later stages of healing or first response to isolate the injury and so on. My Paramedic had the same exact answer. Now my vet tech said they don't use any product like that but rather one that is a liquid. It helps animals stop bleeding on a laceration or isolate the injured area if they we're hit by a car and suffered road rash.

My client came in yesterday and brought the Saniderm product with her so we played around with a couple pieces, understanding how it works and sticking it on shit around the room. But what is the interesting part is she asked if she could experiment with it on her palm touch up that she was very sketch about getting touched up in the first place since she works retail. Handling money is probs the worst thing you can do with a palm tattoo. haha. Not to mention, the last two guys she went to kind of did a number on it and it has never healed right. It's difficult to EVER tattoo in someone else's hand writing (because that's what the tattoo is) and I know hand tattoos aren't the easiest spot to heal but that's why what made it a perfect candidate but these guys did NOT know wtf they were doing. And I'm fairly new to tattooing so that says a lot. So we did the tattoo, applied the saniderm just as the box directs and said that immediately, all of the post-procedure ache alleviated. She had no discomfort and even at lunch, she was using her hand, WASHED her hands after the meal, and said she was fine.

So today (once I finish my coffee and maybe eat a banana), I'm going to begin my OWN experiment. I am currently in the process of blacking out my leg and find the healing process to be extremely annoying. It's the itchiest shit and in my opinion takes the longest so why not take a shot at it. There will be two spots each about 25mm by 25mm and about 35mm apart, one to be healed dry and one with Saniderm. So once this goes down I will post images and how the tattoo was performed (machine, needle grouping, ink, and voltage) just to get a 100% accurate idea of what's going on and follow the healing process daily for about the next two weeks. If anyone else has done this or healed tattoos side by side with saniderm and typical healing methods, please chime in. I'm super interested in this product. Like I said earlier, I have friends in the medical field and animal care field and it would be nice to give them something that they can work with and have no issues.

Here's the link to the Saniderm website. Personally, I think the interviews look like an infomercial. Not to shame on the artist or person getting tattooed but even my wife left the room going, "Hi, Billy Mays here..." SOOOO yeah, it's a bit cheeseball.

Photos of Saniderm in Use - SanidermSaniderm | Keep it Clean. Keep it Simple.

Let me know what you guys think and feel free to chime in.

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cool stuff as long as the person is not sensitive to adhesives if they are it can cause allergic reactions like blistering and such, even scaring. I don't use it because of that. 

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