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Coolest t-shirts you've ever seen



Have you ever thought about having a portal to the 7th level of Hell on your chest?

Have you ever wanted to make a child cry simply by standing there?

Have you ever dreamed about a thousand eyes in the black of the night?

If you've answered HELL YES to any of those questions and also like things that are grown in MERICA, made in MERICA, and printed in the U.S. of MERICA then buy this god damn t-shirt!!


This handsome sonofabitch Carlos Rojas is here to show you how to look good.

Paypal to cltattooing@gmail.com $23 shipped anywhere in the US(include name, address, and size), and $20 if you pick one up at the shop.

Thanks for supporting the good folks of FTW Tattoo Parlor in Oakland, California.

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