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It's 7 in the morning. I can't sleep. It's a sunday and I've worked 24 hours of the last 48 with little to no sleep at all. I think it's time to hit the whiskey and hang out with the pitbulls. At least it was a productive weekend. I did my first collaboration on the shop manager/apprentice friday night. We started at 9pm and ended at 4 in the morning. Yeah I'm not gonna lie, we partied our ass off during this tattoo. Its okay though because it's fun to kick back and tattoo a tattooer with another tattooer ya know?


I think I'm done with all the painterly stuff though. I found that in my three short years of tattooing that it took 3 years too many to realize that a solid line and black is what makes a good tattoo and not a well rendered paint brush stroked style "art" piece. To each his own though, there are so many tattooers out there who can do that style well. Who knows maybe it will hold up? Either way bold is gold.


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