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Worried abt new tattoo


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Hi everyone, I’m in need of some advice 😔
This was the only option that was available to me so I apologize if I used the wrong tag.

I got this tattoo on the inside of my arm 9 days ago and im worried it might not be doing too hot. Aside from it hurting like hell during tattooing there’s a persistent redness on a spot that wont go away along w some cuts on the skin and my whole arm muscle feeling kinda sore and both my palms have been itching.

I probably sound paranoid but im worried it might potentially be or get infected

Thx in advance🙏





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6 hours ago, Hogrider said:

Just copying and pasting same thing I told the other person “If it’s not hot, oozing or painful, it’s probably not infected. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal, sometimes longer if they went in hard. You just have to wait and see.” No matter how you phrase the question, this is the answer.

I see, thanks for the reply(:

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