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Welcome homie and it's good to have you on here as it has been many many years since I last saw you. Hope all is well!?!

Until next time...


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Welcome. I worked at Cold Steel for a bit, and saw some of your old flash, and a few tattoos come through the door of yours. Great work.

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    • I've had dropout on tattoos and it usually had to do with location - my knee for instance - i'm not a huge fan of the touch up thing so my advice would be to accept the dropout as a part of this particular tattoos 'personality'  of course you could also visit the artist and see what they advise - they might want to touch it up but like i said i wouldnt sweat it - particularly if the rest of the piece is to your liking - most often we look at our tattoos much closer than anyone else would ever care to
    • @Deepayso i dont think the lightness or darkness is what is effecting the readability of your tattoo - i was zooming in on it and i still have a tough time getting a sense for what it is - part of that is the placement but also design and application are factors - i'm not saying its a bad tattoo - not every tattoo needs to be readable from across the room - anyway - the idea of intentionally trying to lighten the tattoo is a crazy one - just live with it - enjoy it - and if you want future tattoos more readable go with bold traditional styles instead of black and grey
    • Hi guys, Got my hand / forearm tattoo'd last Thursday ( 5 days ago) it has just started peeling but lots of big chunks are coming off and there appears to be no ink underneath. i have had numerous other tattoos but never have seen this !  Anything to be worried about or nothing that cant be sorted in a touch up session? Cheers for any replies !
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