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Im Tom im 26 from cheltenham UK

Im currently a warehouse manager but Im changing carrier and getting into hairdressing in a couple of weeks!

I started getting tattooed at 18 and havent stopped, my favorite style is modern traditional but appreciate all styles.

I have been tattooed by: Nick Baldwin (uk), Sam Ricketts (uk) Terry fuller (uk) Jin (uk?) Miss Arianna (italy) SO (japan) Milosch (czec)

I want to get tattooed by: Steve byrne, stizzo, shen shubert, franz stefanik, Yakub settgest, the dudes at westside tattoo brisbane and many more!

Other than tattoos I love music i play the guitar and mandolin and have been doing so for 20 years, i have a degree in music in fact. I like all types of music but at the moment im real into bluegrass and historically i love hardcore. I played in a thrash crossover band called All city uproar for a few years.

Look forward to getting well gel of all the great work people own on here!


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@tomtrap Hi & welcome to LST. I met Sam Ricketts a week ago at Wood Street.

He turns out some really nice work and he's a Swindonian. :cool:

By the way Franz Stefanik is doing a guest spot at Wood Street, Swindon (not London as it says on his blog) in April

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    • Thanks!  Loving it and stoked to finish it up... Will be really cool to nail down the color scheme as we finish it.  Could go pure traditional (black, gray, red, yellow) or change it up a bit...  I saw a traditional eagle the other day done in all monochrome black/gray/blue shades... not as traditional but super cool.
    • I had this tattoo done 2 years ago it is raised ,shiny and wrinkley this isnt normal and it really annoys me and looks totally wrong...  I have seen others with the same thing . Also if I was to get it removed will it be impossible  ?  
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