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Uploaded picture - how to turn the right way up?

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Hi guys-

I uploaded a picture of my backpiece and for some reason (presumably because it was a big file) it turned 90 degrees. How can I edit it or turn it the right way up?

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@RoryQ thanks for bringing this to our attention....trying to get it sorted out on our end.

I was able to rotate it via moderator dashboard but don't know if users have this ability... @steve1461686340 ? Second question for Steve, I rotated it in image edit but it only shows the rotated version there and not in other areas of the site?

Hi Guys

It looks like it's oriented correctly now - probly just took a while for Loch's changes to fully propagate. Let me know if you find otherwise.. Nice backpeice!

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Thanks guys. In future I'll try and only upload or link to smaller sized images, maybe that will avoid the problem.

Chances are that your computer was rotating it for you when you viewed it locally, but the file was actually sideways. The site doesn't care how big your files are as it re-sizes them when they're uploaded. If they're ultra-huge, the upload may timeout, but that's probly the only limit there.. Cheers

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