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Hi there!

I am from Austria and I am living in the outskirts of Vienna which is the capital of Austria.

Vienna has a quite good Tatto scene - unfortunately I got my first Tatto from a guy who did not a great job.

I was thinking about removing it but meanwhile I think it's a part of me and removing it would be like ripping out a site of a diary ...

I would like to get some new Tattos this and next year and right now I am looking for a "inspiration" for a songtext I would like to have done.

Maybe someone can help me here.

I am working as a graphic designer - doing all kind online and offline productions.

A big part of my life are my Maine Coons, which I breed since 2000.

When the weather is nice I like to drive around with my 94 Pontiac Firebird which I got last year.

This is the second big thing I am currently working on - getting this Bird in a good condition! ;-)

Well that all from me. I am curious about you guys!

Cheers Michelle

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Hi Lochlan!

Thank you for the welcome.

Polys where used to the Maine Coons but we took them out ages ago and since a few years some Poly breeders try to reinstate them but without succes right now.

They are a big issue here in TICA - I saw some nice ones from the Netherlands last year.

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