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I'm Tim, originally from the UK now living in Israel. Tattoo-wise I have full sleeves and chest panels, and a few unconnected pieces on my legs. Hoping to get the backpiece started this year - the experiences on the "partner reactions" thread ring very true... My work is mostly by Mickey Sharpz and Snir Rozensal.

That'll do for now. Looking forward to hanging here :)


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Hi Tim, welcome to LST! Where in Israel are you located? I went to Tel Aviv University for a semester a few eons ago (1989). Didn't spend much time in classes, though, mostly travelled around the country and Dahab when it was still just a few huts and a couple of camels.

I'm assuming Snir Rozensal is Israeli? What's the tattooing scene like over there? I had no tattoos back then, I waited until I "grew up" to get tattooed. Would love to hear some stories.....

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