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Afternoon all


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I'm Gareth, 28, from Somerset in the South West of England. Have absolutely no artistic talent or creativity what so ever, so you'll be pleased to hear that i am sticking solely to being the canvas, rather than the brush (or machine in this case).

Most of my tattooing experiences involve a fair amount of travel as i live ~3 hours drive outside of London, but i figure that's a small inconvenience for some excellent work (most of which i get done at Frith Street, by the way).

Been lurking the forum for a while and thought i'd finally sign up to get involved.

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Another Frith St. customer joins LST, radicool...thanks for taking the time to not only join the forum but also get tattooed by some of the best putting your money in the right hands! Look forward to seeing your tattoos.........

Don't get me wrong, it took a couple of bad ones before i did what i should have done at the beginning - researched!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

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