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Hey There!

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Whats up? My names Kayla and I've lived in Colorado my whole life and love it here. I just got my first tattoo yesterday :D and I can't wait to get more!

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    • And for anybody who wants to know, here is a photo taken right after completion last week:) 
    • Thanks for all the replies guys.  Here is an updated picture. It appears all the movements on the hand is not doing the tattoo well ! Will take your advice and care for it as best I can until fully healed and then decide where to go with it. The artist who done it is a cool dude and will be sure to help me out! 
    • So, I used to drink a lot and use tons of drugs. I one heard someone say "my drug of choice was more" and that pretty much sums me up from about 16 to my early 30s. Clean and sober for something like 15 years now but not sure I could call myself straight edge because of my history. I have a few friends who have been dedicated straight edge their whole lives and are in their 40s and 50s now. I think if I call myself straight edge that kinda takes away from what they have done.   They allow all ages into shows in bars down here and many places will mark the under age patrons hands with an X. I was thinking there was a really strong straight edge scene down here until I figured that out.    
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