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hey folks. im scott and im 21 years old. always loved tattoos and seeing artist do incredible pieces. just got my fourth one done n workin on some more ideas. i think they put something in the ink lol jk

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also i was hoping someone could answer a quick question for me. ive had my new piece for almost 9 days now and most of it scabbed and flaked off, some naturally and some while sleeping or at work, but theres one part where the scab is really thick and somewhat dry n cracking looking. i followed care instructions like i should but i think something went wrong on this particular part. i used ointment for the first few days then just used non fragrence lotion. but today a piece of scab got caught on jeans or whatever n ripped off and i noticed a scar where the scab was, then a good bit of blood seeped out. it may have been a lil overworked or just a lot of black ink, idk. can somebody please give an explanation? i know i gotta go get it touched up because most of the ink didnt take well, i guess, but if someone could possibly help me out it would be very much appreciated. just hate to know somebodys hard work, and my hard earned money, is ruined. also the tattoo was done on vacation, 8 hrs away, and ive tried contacting the artist but was told hes on vacation. pics of it are on my profile. any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks

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Welcome to the forum mate.

Yep it looks like the artist overworked the area, can't do anything until it's fully healed anyway but I wouldn't go back to that guy...

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    • Welcome. Good luck with finding the right artist!
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