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Learning how to do laser removal?


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I have been looking into this but I wanted to know if anyway knows of a site that lists the requirements for learning and administering laster removal. I know it can be state by state. Any info similar to this would be great.

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There are a few places you can go to for training, Colorado, Texas and Arizona are where the big facilities are. Finding actual laws per state is a total bugger, as is acquiring malpractice & liability insurance. My suggestion is to call a local insurance rep who handles medical malpractice, those are the people who have to stay up to date on laws.

Some states require an off-site MD to sign off on any tech who operates the laser, some states require an on-site MD, but a tech can operate the laser and there are a few states, like NJ for example, where only an MD can operate the laser. A good portion of the country does not have any iron-clad laws though and anyone can operate a laser.

Also, do NOT buy a China-made laser off eBay.

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