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In no way those this paragraph justify who I really am. I am not going to write sentence after sentence taking about how glorious I am. I am full of flaws and imperfections but somehow I manage to stay content with my life. I am comfortable enough with my-self to accept my flaws, try it sometime, you'll probably be a lot happier.

My moods are unstable.

I am probably one of the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet but that often goes un-noticed. I dislike meeting people that have zero personality and individuality, strike my interest, do not bore me to death.

I am actually a person of few words, I observe more then I speak.

I curse like a sailor, a filthy fucking sailor.

I simply wasn't born with enough middle fingers.

I give my honest opinion about anything and everything I am asked, I will not sugar coat anything for you.

I am most likely nothing like any other person you have ever encounted in your entire life, and I take pride in that.

I like using words that people question and are unaware of what they actually mean.

I write music, I listen to music. Music is a passion of mine. I am not one, like most people, to base my musical interest on what my friends like or what is the 'in thing'. To be completey honest, my favourite music genre is 80's glam metal, a bit out dated but a classic. Motley crue is my favourite band, got something to say?

Tattooes are my passion, Art is my life.

I think about the future more then I sleep.

I will never ever talk badly about someone else to somebody else, I will say it directly to them.

Reframe from calling me things like 'baby, babe, boo, cutie' or anything else that you would call a girl that’s just finished guzzling your cum. I am a girl with respect, DON'T BE A GOD DAM PIG, IT'S DISRESPECTFUL.

I don't believe in religion, but I respect people that do.

I despise histrionic and two-faced people and one thing I will not tolerate is drama.

I never take or haven taken anyone for granted, I know how it feels.

I know what it's like to do without something, I am not ashamed of where I've come from, nor will I forget it but I have moved on.

I love video games and horror movies, especially 70's-90's video games and movies.

Adventure Time, I have seen every episode.

I hate how sexist and ignorant people can be, it completely negates the phrase 'do not judge a book by it's cover'.

Get to know me, you might be amazed.

99% of people that say they hate me, have never spoken a word to me.

Stop being pussy and comment me.

If we share common interests, feel free to strike up a chat.

I'm always up for new things, I live each day as it was my last.

I've covered every 'trend' and personality under the sun. I think subcultures are great, they define who you are but the one personality I've covered that I lvoe the most is my-self. I am my own person, it took me a while with commercial subcultures and what not but I found my-self and I'm happy this way, find your-self, you'll be a lot happier.

I have no idea where I'm going in life, but who does?

Get o know me.

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