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WTB: Apple TV 2

Mike Panic

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Thanks @ShawnPorter - ended up getting a 1st gen from a friend last night, for free! Only downside is that it will draw more power to spin the internal hard drive, but it's already jailbroken and running XBMC / Eden, and Navi-X. I ran into a bunch of problems getting SMB setup on my MBP, running Mountain Lion, but got that worked out now too. I'll spend some more time tonight looking for repo's to add and need to find how to access the internal hard drive from my MBP so I can just put vids there that I want to keep - which admittedly are few and far between since I only watch movies once - but things like The Art of Flight I will be keeping for a while. Other small downside is that the wifi doesn't seem to be that great, even when it's 18" from my router, so I'm going to have to try running a Cat5 cable to it - which is on hold because there's a wall between those 18" and I'm not in the mood to fish lines right now haha.

Any other suggestions/ must-haves?

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