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Hey y'all

Finally registered and thought I should step out of the shadowws.

Mike Rennie of Absolute Art did my only tattoo so far -in 2011 but am eagerly looking forward to getting my second one soon. Sooner than I expected.

As a matter of fact I'm kinda scrambling cause out of the blue (and after a 3 year wait) I got a call from an artist who's website stated that they really weren't accepting new clients. My consultation is Wednesday, I'm beyond psyched but hell am not sure where I want it or what I want.

I own a business that requires it to not be visible during the day - well requires in the sense that fuckin lawyers don't want to see it when I'm in their offices or with their clients. The flip side being in my personal life I don't care if its on display - err would proudly display which I think Means I need it on my calf or at least below my knee.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

- - - Updated - - -

So I also really want some advice on how to distill down the swirling ideas in my head to a cohesive and manageable tattoo. It's the normal sob story fuck up through drugs, find sobriety and sanity and blah blah blah. I'm assuming this isn't the area to get answers or advice... Correct.?

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Sweet - thanks Graeme

My only tattoo know is on my bicep and I refer to it as "trouble comes in many flavors" there's a crappy pic of it on my profile.

So I'd submitted the same idea to jesse smith years ago and I have an appointment Wednesday. Thats like a week after contact so im scrambling. I love his art, especially some of his human characters - like the I have a dream cycle or big wheel riding kid.

I surely don't want to inhibit him in any way - although a spaceman as a tip of the hat to my drug addled 25 years seems appropriate. Since I'm new -ill share some of my notes

Everyone says "I get shit done"

I lost everything material to a substance abuse - now own 4 businesses generating say 7 million annually in sales. I'm a lucky fucker

As such love the pink Floyd line from have a cigar "your gonna fly high, your never gonna die, they're gonna love you

I was nationally ranked college swimmer

Ever since I stopped drugging I've been very involved in mentoring youth. I've coached every sport known to mankind and try to impart that their are as good lessons in losing as in winning. Always looking for the troubled kid and know nothing feels better than seeing kids 10 years later and getting a big hug

I was thinking a fast fish, a spaceman and a destination.

That being said I'm sooo not creative. I'm a man of action not design and function.

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Wow. First, congratulations on your sobriety! And with turning your life around and creating multiple businesses.

As far as distilling your ideas into a tattoo, think more about imagery than slogans. Take some time and poke around on here and see if anything jumps out at you -- could be you dig the power of panthers, could be a huge skull with roses is something that speaks to your struggle and what came out of it, maybe you want a big fuck off eagle. I know you're pressed for time but see if you can snag a couple books or magazines. Stoked for you man!

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    • ... and xanax is on hand. Lol. My tattoo artist says I'm waaaaaaaay in my head. To the extremes.  It's strange. I feel fine with forearm tattoos tho. I do feel the couple I added yesterday helped a little, but I never wanted a "big" tattoo and it's just very jarring. Anxiety is a bitch. I wish I was more like...who gives a shit. All my tattoos have "zen" images and meanings, meanwhile I'm the furthest thing from zen there is. Lol. I guess I compare and question my design and need to get out of my head. My best friend is getting her tattoo from my guy BECAUSE of this tattoo of mine. And she has a gift certificate to somewhere else,  BUT she's going to him because of my tattoo. So, that says something. Says I need to shut up take a xanax and rock the damn tattoo. Lol.
    • Lol...no sleeves for me, that would send me straight to the grave. Lol. Thanks for your reply. I gotta get thru it and own it. I just got 2 new ones yesterday and it sorta brought it all together, but I still nit pick thos one apart. And I shouldn't but I do. I may have it wrapped around or something. Anxiety is the worst. Seriously awful. Wish my brain was care free
    • Anxiety sucks. What to do? Make it into a sleeve? Add tattoos around it? Make it part of a scene? I can relate to anxiety, but thankfully I never had tattoo regret. I’m in the last stages of a body suit, so if I did get it, I’d probably need a carload of Xanax. 
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