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A big hello from Bunk


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Hello everyone!

My name is Lee, Although most call me Bunk. I though I'd introduce myself as yesterday was the first day of my apprenticeship at Dragstrip tattoos (UK). It was pretty much the best first day ever. I did a lot of hard work cleaning the entire shop top to bottom, learnt loads about the cleaning and sterilisation processes and how rigorous everything has to be. Also got to watch one of the main artists Duncan do a seven hour session on the start of an amazingly detailed realism sleeve, he then gave me a machine to rebuild and tune, then one of the other tattooists gave me a small tattoo on my leg :D

I'll be learning under the amazing artists there Alex Bowron, Duncan Whitfield and Marcelina Urbanska. I feel pretty damn honoured to be given the chance to learn there so will be working as hard as i can to learn about technique, tuning and anything else related to tattooing. The studio has such an amazing atmosphere and all they care about is doing good tattoos so I really feel like I've fallen in with the right bunch. Please feel free to check out my page (i'll be putting my colour works and the stuff i've made specifically with tattooing in mind up shortly on my page) and the studios page, i'm sure i'll be on here a lot more from now on!




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