Elizabeth Larsson

another greeting from sweden

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hi, im elizabeth, i like on the west coast of sweden, near gothenburg (go gbg!!) i adore the feeling of getting new ink, the anticipation, the planning, then finallly the needle going into to my flesh. working on several tattoos at the time. i must admit that i am american and swedish both. i speak both languages fluently but would rather speak english..im lazy. i have pink and green hair, and a cool kid with a red mohawk. i have a tattoo to honour him. getting a new tattoo in 3 weeks. can not wait.

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gothenburgs finest!!

I'm glad somebody got it because I posted that and then thought that maybe I'm the only person here who when they hear Gothenburg they think immediately of At The Gates. I figured the video is at least more welcoming than saying JAWS LOCKED AROUND YOUR SPINE!

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