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Hey everyone, hopefully looking for some artistic insight


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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and looking for some artistic inspiration/insight from my tattooed friends.

I have recently had some Arabic writing done on my right inner arm, it is personal stuff to me to do with my daughter (so please don't suggest laser) and I am looking for peoples thoughts on how to add to it to spice it up as I think now its all healed it looks a bit plain.

I must note I am not a fan of colour, all my tattoos are in black but would be up for a bit of grey too.

Because it is my first tattoo which is directly in my line of sight i.e. when I type, write, drive, eat etc (all my others are usually covered by my clothes) I constantly look at it so I suppose I am constantly criticising it.

I don't have an artistic bone in my body so I am finding it difficult to think of what to do. I do have my artist having a think too and I have given her the attached picture as something to go on, but I would be really interested in your first thoughts (again please don't suggest laser).

One other point, I am not looking on turning it in to a full sleeve, maybe one day....a final point - the writing is readable to me (despite not being able to read Arabic) so if someone was stood opposite to me it would be upside down so I need to think of that if I do want a full sleeve going forward. This was because I had the first word done first (my daughters name) and didn't intend on getting the rest done.

Thank you in advance.



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While I am not exactly the most artistic person you will find, I do think you gotta double check your plans if you are going to add like you want. In my opinion if you want to turn what you have into a sleeve it would be best not to add the shadowing around the letters because it would be harder to add around it without looking out of place. Just my $0.02

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Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I do like the geometric stuff, just so hard to picture what it will look like. I am waiting for my artist to draw me something like the above attached thing I like, if it doesn't quite look right then perhaps visit the geometric route.


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