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From what I've seen and read here so far, I'm probably not exactly a typical member of this forum. Fact is, I've probably been tattooing for longer than some of you have been alive (17 years). I've participated in a few other tattoo forums from time to time, but just came across this one and thought I'd give it a try, as it and the shop it's connected with looks pretty interesting. My personal specialty is realism and black and gray portraits, but I love all classic styles of tattooing, especially Asian and Traditional "old school".

Having a few years under my belt, there isn't much I haven't seen or dealt with, so feel free to throw any questions my way. I'll do what I can to answer them.

Below is a small sampling of my work.


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    • The lost art of communication. Unless your artist is on this forum and you think they will recognize you and remove your name, you'll need to make a phone call.  I'm curious why your first thought is to post a question on a forum rather than pick up the phone. Has your artist given you some reason to think they will be unreasonable about your request to not use your name?
    • that’s exactly what i needed to hear thank you so much. i overanalyse absolutely everything. i did the same thing with my first tattoo which is a LOT bigger and more complicated (three solid black bands on my arm) and even since posting this i’ve calmed down a bit. i think i took too long staring at it last night and this morning and just completely freaked myself out. thank you again
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