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Hi everyone. I'm new to the board. I found it while looking for information regarding foot swelling and calf tattoos. Found some great information here and some relief that it's a "normal" phenomenon. My feet have swollen with ankle and foot tattoos, but, some how I thought the calf was safe. LOL!! I'm normally a very fast healer and am usually in full-on itchy phase by now (got my latest tat Saturday night), so I was a tad worried about this one.

If interested, my latest tattoo (that's causing my foot to swell) is a tribute to Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, as they are my favorite band and the news of his passing was devistating to me. I've been a Slayer fan for 25 + years. Below is the picture of it:


This is the tattoo on my foot that caused it to swell for over a month:


I don't have that many tattoos, only 13 or so. My husband (who is the artist) wants to do a 1/4 sleeve on me next. I'm having to think about that one because I have a professional job and must keep my tats covered, which means no more short sleeves in the summer for me! Might be worth it...

Thanks for letting me ramble on.

Sue \m/

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Welcome! Great user name. Who's your husband?

Thanks!! I doubt you've heard of him. He moved back home to California from South Carolina to be with me a couple of years ago. He's not doing tattoos for a living right now. Besides tattooing, he's a gifted house remodeler and right now, the real money is there instead of tattoos. Tattooing for him right now is more of a hobby than a career.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Sue \m/

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