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Greetings from a (relatively) old dude


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Hi folks. I started getting tattooed over a quarter century ago. My first few pieces were done in places like Frisco and the UK, and then there was that ex-gf with a needle and bottle of india ink. I always loved the art, but then took a long break, and didn't get any work for years and years. Finally I began getting work again, starting with cover-ups and then getting more extensive. Some of my favorite tattooers are Tim Lehi, Eddy Deutsche, Leu, Rassier, Whitehead, Sylvia, Adrian Lee, Thomas Hooper, Freddie Corbin, guys like that. Not being a tattooer myself, but loving the art, it's interesting to learn more about the craft.



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Welcome! You have great taste in artists. Do you have work from all those folks?

Thanks for the welcomes. Ha! No, but I know and appreciate that a lot of folks like to collect different pieces from many different tattooers. But I've gradually been getting a suit, more or less, from Tim Lehi. Way before I started that, I'd wanted to go to Eddy D. and spoke to him back when he had 222, but by the time I got around to getting work again and could afford it, he moved and wasn't really taking new clients. Then I took my time in choosing the right artist, went about it differently from when I was young. I'm sure you all understand that. During my "research" process, I checked out NY Adorned, esp. Chris O'Donnell, Paul Booth's place, some others, but once I found Black Heart, I knew it was right. I'd be interested in hearing from folks about how they made their choices of tattooers as well.

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