Josh Foulds

Greetings from London!

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Hi my name is Josh,

I have been lurking around this forum for a while now and though I should probably make the effort of getting my 10 posts out of the way!

I’m a Tattooer from London, have been working out of Avinit Tattoo in orpington, Kent for the past 3 years.

I have a real passion for all styles of tattooing but I would generally lean more towards traditional. Having said that I'm just happy to be able to tattoo and work in such a rich industry.

Thanks for reading!

Also if you like you can view some more of my work and paintings on my blog at:


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Hi Josh

I've not been to your shop but I've been next door for some laser with Sara ! My work is done by Ray Wewerka at Flaming Art Crayford. Next laser session I will pop in and say hi!!

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