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Nowhereland Tattoo Project .The Only Tattoo Parlor In Egypt-Cairo

orne gil

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“Nowhere land tattoo” is a project created by Venezuelans Orne Gil and Lorena Mora with the intention of breaking taboos and distributing knowledge about tattoo art in diverse countries where this art manifestation has been limited or rejected, due to cultural aspects.


Orne Gil, initiated her career as a tattoo artist in Padova, Italy in “Blue Velvet Tattoo Studio” under the tutorship of Paulo A H Mcintyre (tattoo master and friend). Paulo is a Chilean tattoo artist with 20 years of experience and specializes in Full Color works and New School tattoo.

During the first 4 years of Orne’s tattoo career, she has been in contact with different tattoo artist that focus their work on Old School style and Japanese style. She was able to learn from artist like Vicente Ibanez (Important tattoo artist from Chile in South America and Europe) and Jose Serra, Italian tattoo artist and owner of Love and Glory studios in the north of Italy.

In this time Gil traveled several times back and forth between Italy and Venezuela. During these visits she began instructing her friend and now partner Lorena Mora in the art of tattoo. Mora as a professional painter had experience in the matter of colors and perspective drawing, key points for the Tattoo Art form. Soon she began to change her regular canvas to the human body.

Since March 2012 (post-revolutionary period), Orne Gil opens the first Underground Tattoo Studio en the city of Cairo, Egypt, in the Mohandeseen sector. Here is where the project starts taking place for the first 3 months. The people of Cairo feel the freedom of the revolution and search in Tattoo Art the way to express it.

Soon after, Laurice Matta opens -10 “Laurice’s Beauty Playground”, a beauty center for the public in Zamalek offering a diverse type of services, tattoos as one of them.

At this time Lorena has moved to Cairo and starts working together with Orne, and they establish “Nowhere land tattoo”. Orne leaves behind her studio in Mohandeseen and -10 “Laurice’s Beauty Playground” becomes the number one place open to the public where you can get a tattoo.

The first months working together in Cairo where very limited towards the designs selected by the customers. Since most of them had no previous experience with tattoo culture or for mainstream fashion reasons, their request where shy, usually wanting small designs or only words.

Little by little the public dares to get more elaborate designs as they get to know the tattoo culture.

After almost 5 months of hard work in -10 “Laurice’s Beauty Playground”, a new underground tattoo studio is founded called “Deviant Subculture Tattoo Studio”. Established by Tim El Abd, this studio offers a place for the expression of different Tattoo Art forms and a nice environment for tattoo. He contacts Lorena, Orne and other tattoo artist around the world to come work and be a part of his studio.

“Nowhere land tattoo project” changes venue to El Abd’s studio, with the intention to build a artistic cultural center, where tattoo becomes the source of energy and inspiration.

We hope that with this new initiative tattoo culture will be more accessible and known throughout the country, especially in the Capital city, providing a more profound exploration of different tattoo styles and schools.

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