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Hi All - I'm a 48 yr old mom who's seriously thinking about getting a tattoo with my daughter's name incorporated into it somehow. I love peacock feathers and was trying to combine both ideas. I've been searching on Google images for pictures of peacock feather tattoos & it seems that the only ones that REALLY love are linked to your site! So I'm here just looking at ideas to see what I can come up with!


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Welcome! The best thing you can do is check out tattooers styles that you like. Once you find a tattooer who you would like to work with, take your idea to them and let them design it for you. Chance are they will be able to draw something up better than what you will patch together here or on the Internet. If you let us know where you are located, some one could help point you in the direction of some quality artists to check out.

Enjoy your browsing of LST!

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    • The lost art of communication. Unless your artist is on this forum and you think they will recognize you and remove your name, you'll need to make a phone call.  I'm curious why your first thought is to post a question on a forum rather than pick up the phone. Has your artist given you some reason to think they will be unreasonable about your request to not use your name?
    • that’s exactly what i needed to hear thank you so much. i overanalyse absolutely everything. i did the same thing with my first tattoo which is a LOT bigger and more complicated (three solid black bands on my arm) and even since posting this i’ve calmed down a bit. i think i took too long staring at it last night and this morning and just completely freaked myself out. thank you again
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