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Hello LST

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Hi everyone, I'm James and currently live in London, UK. I've just come across this site today, it looks great and I'm sure I'll gain lots of valuable and insightful knowledge while I'm here. I'm really just here to browse and take in as much amazing artwork and information as I can. While I'd love nothing more than to be covered in ink, I've currently only the two tattoo's, one of which will be covered-up in September. :)

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Welcome James! Where are you going for your coverup? There's a lot of great tattooers working in your neck of the woods.

Thank you. :) There are indeed alot of great artists around here... and many that I hope to be tattooed by in the future. I'll actually be going outside of London for my cover-up though, it'll be done by Jeff Customs in Worthing - https://www.facebook.com/jeffcustomtattoo.

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