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Hi everyone, my name is Ben and I am living in Mexico (from Alaska). I have been lurking a while and figured I would go ahead and join.

I have been getting tattoos for a while now, in the beginning most were pretty standard, not very well done. I have become a little more selective in who I choose to tattoo me now. Here are a few examples of pieces I have had worked on lately.

Rock of Ages - top part is covering an old orca whale that I had.


Portrait of my dad when he was young and in the army - paratrooper!


Jonah and the fish - This needs some more work, but should look sweet once finished, I hope!


Anyways I appreciate the membership and look forward to talking tattoos with all of you!

- - - Updated - - -

Viking bulldog from a few weeks ago.


Cholo/Chicano skull


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Thank you Hayden. The top three were done by Juan Arreguin (Superfly) who used to work at Rain City Tattoo in Vancouver Can. but came back down here to Mexico. The bulldog was by a local guy named Manuel Sukre, and the Cholo skull was by Juan's apprentice El Kemer. Trying to save some larger spaces for when I am back in the states. Thanks for the welcome.

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Really nice tattoos and welcome. That portrait of your dad is especially cool.

Thanks bro. Yours are very nice also, I am especially drawn to those Ron Henry Wells pieces. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Thanks man! The Jonah is ready to be finished.. I just need to get some money together and have another session done. I am anxious to see how it looks w/ color - should be pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing your tattoos also. thanks for the welcome

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