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hello / tattoo styles

Scott Bonnyman

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Hi folks at TLS, Im Scott.

This is my first post, im familiar with forums ect.

Got a question.

do you think mixing traditional sailor jerry/americana with irezumi or Japanese style filler eg clouds,smoke ect is ok to do/look good?

ive got a swallow and some blossom and a rose and butterfly round my lower arm but i really like the way the japanese stuff if all packed with detail and want to get that going too, whats your thoughts on mixing styles?


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Welcome Scott, my opinion is that mixing styles is pretty rad.

- - - Updated - - -


Here's one from Henning Jorgenson's instagram from a few months ago. The front was done by Grime, the rooster by Scott Sylvia, the eagle by Tim Lehi, and Henning tied it all together with background and did the armpits. I think that looks super rad.

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^I agree, the pieces on my arm are different styles to some extent an I'm planning in using the Japanese style clouds and smoke to tie together and fill in.

I personally think traditional American stuff and and Japanese stuff go together very well in most cases.

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