Tattoome Bulldog Liner for Sale

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I'm selling my new, barely used Bulldog Liner from TattooMe! I've had it for two months but find it a bit too heavy for my girly hands, and after trying a machine one of the girls in my shop owns, I want to buy a lighter liner machine instead. I've tried getting used to it, but it doesn't feel right to me :)

Here's what it says on the website about the machine:

The specialist “Bulldog” tattoo machine is designed for the Old School professionals or those applying a dominant stroke in their art work 9-UP RL/RS. The equipment is characteristic for its specific dichotomy based on a large potential accompanied by low voltage operation (it reaches its optimal capacity at 6 V, whereas its full power is achieved at 7,5 V). Small in size, sturdy and soft to work with. Satisfaction guaranteed!•Brand TattooMe

•Model BullDog

•Coils 10-wraps 1''

•Finishing Black Matte

•Machine Tuning Strong Liner 9-UP RL/RS

•Warranty Lifetime Warranty

•Weight 230g

Price: £170 (postage depends on where you live..)

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You can lighten it up by disassembling it and drilling some holes in the frame. Voila, re-assemble and you're good without buying a new machine. Try it!

I also am not sure you will sell that on this forum, no offense intended. I've never heard of this company before and they do not seem to be tattooers, thus making 2 strikes against them for myself and others. Good luck though.

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i'm no expert really(go figure...)but the bulldogs i've seen does not look like that at all. i'm thinking sailor jerry's machines when i hear bulldog...or a dog. a bulldog.

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Closer to a recognizable Rogers frame, definitely. One that he based off of a Percy Waters frame. Bulldog should have a different shape to the back, more upright. Good eye.

I'll bet from a business sense using a key word like bulldog machine gets more hits than rogers or percy waters machine, or maybe they just don't know what they are making.

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these are pretty good machines and well known in europe. i know it doesn't look like a bulldog. not sure if some polish tattooers make them, but people like edek and davie blows seem to be associated with them.

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    • Thanks guys I’ll try to respond to this thread once it’s done 👍 (July 10th)
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