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Hi, my name's Jon, I've been a tattoo enthusiast since I've been around 18, and got my first one a couple months ago (I'm 26 now).

I work as a croupier near London, very boring but I hope to get hired in Vegas to make a shitload of money and be able to travel the world and get inked by the masters all around the planet.

I adore realistic stuff and bold black and grey. Atm I have a sleeve in progress with Joao Bosco from The Family Business Tattoo, that should be finish mid/end september.

That's my second tattoo, the first one is a little black piece on my right forearm that I'll need to laser (I like it, but it's a waste of space imo :p).

Anyway, nice to meet you all, and I cyu around.


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Welcome man! Vegas is another world.. Actually just passed up an opportunity to meet a couple buds there tonight :/

I dig the tattoo! As for the other piece, why not save your money from laser and just keep it as a reminder of a certain stage in your life, and use that money for the next project :)

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