hello, my name is anthony

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hello. my name is anthony. im a tattooer from rhode island. ive been tattooing for a little over 8 years now, but admittedly probably only halfway decent for about 3. im generally a little quiet and try to keep my ego out of other peoples tattoos, but like everyone will push the stuff i want to do if i think someone is receptive to it. what else... im from RI so im naturally a big fan of all things h.p lovecraft. i love heavy metal, horror comic art, science fiction art, outsider culture. im a pretty big outer space nerd. im pretty much just a typical artist who loves tattoos, doing tattoos, and watching other people do tattoos. i think that pretty much covers it.

if youd like to see some of my art, tattoos, or just things i thought were picture worthy feel free to follow me on instagram at SPACED_INVADER and ill be sure to follow you back. i really like seeing what other artists are up to. ill also put some work up on my gallery here.


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thanks for the warm welcome everyone.. joe, youre right new york systems is 2nd to none, and mike lussier is a great artist. cultexciter, nate is great artist, i dont know him personally but i do know t.j a little bit. im planning on getting some work from forest soon i just gotta put some cash aside. i just splurged on my hand at the boston tattoo convention the other day so ill have to wait a little bit... a good thing about RI is everyone pretty much knows each other, if not directly, through a mutual friend. theres a lot of really good and driven artist crammed in this state, its pretty rad to be a part of it, i definately dont take it for granted.

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