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Hi there. New here :)


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Hi. My name is Luke I'm from Scotland.

I'm half Greek and I'm consideRing getting sleeve sometime soon.

I am here to look for some advIce, see other people's tattOos and experiences and also get some help with the tattoo I'm looking for!

I'm a fairly big guy, and a bodybuilder. 210lb at 5"10. I want something unique to me here in Scotland so a Greek tattoo of some sort.

I seen this one looking around and is how I came across this site. I attached it to post will that work?

I wondered what I do, do I.take tattoo in.and get my artist to make his own similar one or what?

Thanks look.forward to discussion

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Hi, welcome! I think your best bet is to reference from the source. We can always help you find an artist who would do a great job on the tattoo you're looking for. My suggestion is to do some research and find as many photos as you can of ancient Greek armor or old paintings of Greek battles and bring those in to your artist, let them know what sort of style you're looking for, what kind of mood you want through the piece, and just let them do their thing. When getting a tattoo, you are essentially hiring someone for their talent, vision, and creativity. Giving an artist a general idea while trusting them to follow through is the best way to get a totally fantastic tattoo. Let us know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy it here!

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