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Apologies if this has been posted already, but I couldn't find anything...

Another thread made me wonder if anyone here was into old stereo components and/or repairing them. My own setup is modest. I have a Mac 1700 tube/solid state receiver, some New Large Advent speakers, a direct drive Sony turntable from the late 70s that's surprisingly solid with a Grado Gold cartridge, and a totally nondescript CD player that I'd like to replace.

I'm actually a little more interested in tinkering with old stuff than in collecting really top-notch components (which I don't have the money for, anyway). So far I've only done pretty basic stuff like replacing capacitors, but I dream of having a bench set up someday.

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I don't have enough electronic knowledge to repair stuff, but I do love vintage gear. Mostly because it's cheap, dependable, and sounds great. I've got a pioneer direct drive with an audio technia on it right now, but I'm usually an ortofon man. The turntable is hooked up to a denon receiver that pushes a pair of ADS speakers. I also own a great pair of Grado headphones. I did, however, sell 90% of my record collection to help pay for barber school. I only kept the stuff I knew I wouldn't find again.

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